Art Cafe – Weekly Reference Study 2

Second weekly reference study from Art Cafe.

Three values only, made some proportion/structure mistakes that I corrected along the way. I think I got all the major ones, probably still some more. Had the hardest time figuring out the mid tones.


Daily Drawing Prompt – Flame

Yesterday’s prompt. Followed a tutorial to figure out how to paint fire. An okay start I guess, think the difficulty is mostly in understanding how the form of the flame can manifest.

Flame Practice.png

Daily Drawing Prompt – Sleep + GloClo + Guest Art

So in the Discord server where we’re doing the drawing prompts, one of them weekly themes is going to be drawing specific usernames as we would imagine them. I was first, and my username is GloClo, short for gloriousclover.

I picked this name from a random name generator in either jr. high or high school, when my friend and I were playing Quake 2. I think we were registering for Gamespy, and the name I wanted was taken. So I went with the first available suggestion, and have been using it for numerous purposes since.

Charlottezxz drew this interpretation of the Glorious Clover. She draws super cool monsters, and is also making an RPG, you can check her art out at her twitter below.

Charlottezxz’s Twitter!


And due to Friday’s submission which kind of burned me out, I just did a quick concept of GloClo + Sleep based on Char’s interpretation, which is the daily prompt for yesterday and today.


Daily Drawing Prompt – Reverse Alignment

This was yesterday’s daily, which ended up taking me way too long. Pooh bear, re-imagined as a Dark Souls boss.

Will have to remember to do more actual paintings before attempting to paint for another daily prompt. This took way too long because I had no idea what I was doing, gave up part way and put the inking back in in the end.